Teaching English has been our fervent business since 1962, and we love it!

Want to study English? Welcome to the billions in the world studying English. An improved command of English gives you more expression hence more confidence. A commandeering mastery of English gives you an elite carriage and improved poise socially. So now you should be asking why all this frenzy about English anyway, why is good English becoming such a vital skill?

As the world’s foremost universal language, an excellent and fluid grasp of English language in both conversational and written format contributes heftily to our success in our respective communities. Even in spite of the general significance of English to all us, there still exist across us notable variety in our various command of English. Be it in spoken format or the written format. The question that naturally pops up is why do some people turn out to be excellent conversationalists and better writers while some terribly struggle in their shadows? The question is valid considering that neither speaking nor writing correct English comes to someone at birth. The answer is a dedicated and gradual study of the skills, the syntax, the grammar (that come together to decide the flow of every sentence) that makes us expert of English.

English is a universal language

The audience English pulls across the world is intimidating. Billions of us can either speak or write English in differing capacities. Everywhere is littered with English language. It is the predominant language spoken and written globally hence it has such a gigantic global audience. Look around you and you will see that English occupies the undisputed position as the preferred language of communication in literally every sphere of life.

How do two travelers from different non-English speaking countries communicate with each other? What is the most common language of business and the internet? How do countries conduct communication with one another? It is all English and English!

English is thus the marriage point of a world that is extensively plural linguistically. It is well to say English is the common thread uniting a raucous global audience. Even if your line of work may not require you to be an expert English speaker, you cannot possibly hide away from the language, as it is involuntarily rubbed on you. From the billboards, supermarkets, television, books and the internet – English is everywhere, every crevice of the society has been permeated with English!

Now let us see it from the professional edge. Our world today is a global village, right? You can from Malaysia connect with any part of the world. You would surely be handicapped (pertaining to communication globally) if your English is heavily labored. Consolidating the reality with facts, studies indicate that people who speak English fluently get better paying jobs and enjoy higher social mobility than their non-English speaking counterparts. Do you think this is unfair? Definitely not!

Take pride in knowing English

Learning English undoubtedly keeps you adrift with the times, advancing steadily at the same pace with the word. Learning English has sprawling advantages. From looking more “handsome” to employers, down to engaging more people from all works of life. So we see reasons in agreeing it is high time we worked on our English skills right?

Well the joy is that despite bogus importance of English Language, it is not too difficult to learn! There are persons that were initially fidgety with their English, but today they are masterfully fluently both in the written form and spoken form! Yes, you can learn the language from scratch or improve your current English conversational and writing skills without hurting your pocket. All you need is the appropriate educator patting your back all through the learning phase.

This is where we come in! Flaming with an undying passion to make you deeply versed in English, our school is fortified with the adequate personnel and experience to help you realize your goal of communicating confidently in English!

How we can help you

We leverage our experience and expertise to help you master the English language. With some effort and commitment from your side, you will be able to express your thoughts and ideas in impeccable English. This is done so smoothly within your cost convenience.

Driven by an unrelenting passion to enrich you with vast English skills, our schools have been transforming English learners to experts over the years. With a nutritious mix of experience, personnel and diligence, we have impressively designed comprehensive English courses that make learning as much fun as it is engaging. Have you been quite “scared” of learning a foreign language? Rest assured with us, it is a pleasurable experience spiced tastefully with excitement all the way!

We have a highly focused approach to the teaching of English, targeting different categories of learners at the Basic, Intermediate and Higher level. Our courses are designed by experts with a wealth of experience in teaching the language. We provide you with the platform – your efforts will enable you to soar to great heights. And we are faithfully there for you through the learning phases.

We take our job as educators very seriously and go the extra mile to teach you the language in the most effective way there is. We teach with passion and will diligently teach you at your pace. Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by – learn English with us and climb the ladder of success. Truth is, you have kept away from it for too long. It is costing you whether you see it or not!

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