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General / Business English (Audio Using CD’s)


General / Business English (Audio Using CD’s)


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The level of study begins from Secondary 1 to Post graduate levels. These lessons have been emphatically prepared for students and adults who want to write better and understandable English. Of course there is no argument that grammar is the foundation for any language. Without proper understanding of grammar, one cannot gather or form a proper readable sentence. This course is a goldmine for anyone who wants to upgrade his/her writing skills – rightly indispensable! Both students and teachers will find this course very useful in their daily life. Available only in Audio now.

What do you get when you pay for this course?

  • 9 Audio CDs fully recorded
  • 2 Books All in English – More than 300 pages
  • 1 Book - Model Answers
  • A Beautiful Carry bag to keep the course

Our Main Teachers

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Price : Rs.4000.00


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