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We leverage our experience and expertise to help you master the English language. With some effort and commitment from your side, you will be able to express your thoughts and ideas in impeccable [...]


We estimate that it will take each student between six months to a year to completely grasp our Course 1 or 2 if he practices the lessons for a minimum of one hour every day. It is understandable [...]


You can also pay by Credit or Debit card. Please find details at the link “Payment” Whatever the mode of payment, please send us the enrollment form. Learning English also has a lot to do with [...]


Note to the buyer

For Tamil speaking buyer/student, we will send you books in English with Tamil translations beside, likewise, for Telugu, Kannada and Hindi speaking buyers/students, we will be sending books with English-Telugu, English Kannada and English-Hindi books so that when you learn the lessons, you have translations in your mother tongue beside the English text that you will not need a dictionary to understand the lessons. All CDs / DVDs speak only English.

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